follow your bliss


it’s been quite the whirlwind year, and i am feeling incredibly blessed and optimistic for what is to come next.  jon and i got engaged in chicago last year, and then his job moved us to mondovi, wisconsin (a town of 2,500 people) just two months later.  we’ve spent the past year exploring the back-roads and planning our wedding, and now we are officially getting married in 11 days.

right after the wedding, his job is relocating us again — this time to minneapolis, minnesota. we have an apartment picked out in a neighborhood called ‘uptown,’ and i couldn’t be more excited about the potential for riding my bike, lazing by the lake, visiting museums, and exploring small music joints.

i’ve been working for a community action agency in wisconsin since we moved here — doing grantwriting and development for a variety of programs that help people living in poverty. the community mission has always been important to me, but living in the country has shown me that something else is more dear to my heart: photography.  i find myself looking forward to lunch breaks with my camera – just me wandering the hillside and capturing pictures of the sunlight, the lakes, the changing colors of the leaves.

the only thing i like capturing more than nature is love. cheesy, yes, but absolutely true.  i am even known for sneaking pictures of unsuspecting lovers in public places.

anyway, with all that said, jon and i have decided that i will pursue my passion for photography when we move to minneapolis after the wedding.  i will miss my nonprofit agency and the work i do, but i will continue volunteering and remain committed to the causes that i support.

this decision does not come lightly, and it’s truly a little scary: i’m giving up the career that i’ve planned to follow my heart down a path that is less clear.  i believe that the dots will connect down the road if i follow my intuition, and i’m crossing my fingers that good things will happen where passion and creativity mix.

stay tuned: it’s not going to be an easy year, but hopefully it brings me a little closer to where i’m meant to be ❤