blissful brides

playful pups & blissful brides — two of my favorite things.  and, luckily, two things that seem to occupy the majority of my time recently.  last night, i took kinzie exploring by the river that runs next to our apartment, and we found a secluded and somewhat magical park tucked behind a hill.  the park was barren except for some trees and a sign explaining that i should leave my bows and arrows at home:

The park was great since I could take Kinzie off the leash — I ran around with her, and then let her roam free while I finished up Rules of Civility (read this immediately — it’s wonderful).

I’ve also been very inventive with dinner lately — getting lots of inspiration from Pinterest.  Monday night I made mini tacos, Tuesday I tried a new lasagna roll-up recipe, and last night I made meatloaf cupcakes.  What was Jon’s favorite?  Tie between mini tacos and lasagna cupcakes, but, if I do say so myself, they were all pretty delicious.  I recommend all three meals. Make them. Enjoy.  Thank me later (or thank Pinterest).

Anyway, the whole blissing, bridal, blushing, bachelorette thing has been on my mind because two of my very best friends are getting married this year.  I sat down to book flights for the festivities this year, and it looks like: Sarah’s bachelorette in San Diego for Labor Day, Sarah’s wedding in Mexico in October, Amy’s bachelorette in Florida in October, and then Amy’s wedding in Chicago in November.  
Amy picked out a gorgeous Lela Rose bridesmaid dress for us, and Sarah is letting us choose our own blue beach dress.  
My wedding is next May, and I picked a bright yellow stunner for the girls.  I’m keeping that dress a surprise.
Oh! And you should probably be listening to this: