the good life

90 degree in minneapolis means a couple of things for me and jon: baseball, rooftop dining, long walks, bike rides, festivals, bbqs, kayaking, and, well, you get the point.  we love being outdoors and exploring, and since we just moved to minneapolis, there is a lot of exploring to be done. we kicked off the first official day of what  felt like spring with a walk to the lake, and then a jaunt to the skybar on top of Cafeteria.  the environment is laid-back and casual, yet the drinks are so quality that you think you’re at aviary.

exhibit a:


exhibit b:


the views alone are definitely worth a trip, and it made me wish i had my zoom lens so that i could creep on people as they sipped cocktails on the other side of the road:

04-IMG_4405 06-IMG_4408

jon and i spent most of our night musing about how fun it would be to open our own rooftop bar.  jon said he would call it “the good restaurant” and it would only serve “the good plate.”  now, what is on the good plate?  that can be anyone’s guess — you just order it, and it will be good (to the chef, whether or not the guest likes it is entirely subjective).  what do you think? are you adventurous enough to go to this good restaurant?  being that jon is allergic to peanuts and seafood and doesn’t like fruits or vegetables, and that i am somewhat of an exotic foodie, we better let someone else be the chef.  this way, we’ll be surprised to. see you at the good restaurant: