let me show you how country feels

jon is famous for being denied entry to restaurants, theaters, lounges and other places that require a strict dresscode.  after a long day of work, he likes to put on flipflops and shorts, and refuses to go anywhere that scoffs at his beach/baseball/lakeside attire.  we have a list of places on the wall that have denied him entry, and it’s become a running joke that “he’s a little too country for that.”  today was one of those magical summer days when being “a little too country for that” proves to be absolutely perfect.

our friends jeremy and sara came to visit from madison, and we spent the morning soaking up the sun on the boat:Image



after lunch, we went off-roading through the backwoods until we found ice cream:





until those restaurants can make me feel as good as boating and off-roading on a summer day, i think we’ll stay “a little too country for that.”

all that glitters is gold

the title of this post is nonsense.  all that glitters is sunshine and love, surely.  but, i am turning 26 tomorrow, september 26, and so the golden birthday is on my mind.  it’s been on jon’s mind too, because the sweet boy started my birthday celebration last saturday night with dinner at Eatery 112 in Minneapolis (get in your plane/train/automobile/carriage and go immediately – order one of everything and then send me whatever is left over, thank you), and then a carriage ride through the city.  when the carriage ride was over, he told me that he was always impressed with my iPhone photos, but that i would be a much better photographer with a real camera– which was my present! oooheee, ice ice ice, just wait til you see how much better my pictures become 🙂

on the wings of a dove (or in my suv), i spent the following sunday testing out the new camera by taking shots of the landscape surrounding our house (yes, i told you before it was rural…)

and, as you know, no post is complete without a picture of these two:

and, my favorite shot from this morning:
isn’t the rural life lovely? oh fall in wisconsin, please stay!