my two lips are zipped

Cheers to the makers.  A toast to the inspired creators that know that process is just as important as people and product.  Today marks the beginning of spring, and with all the excitement about warmer weather, I started thinking about daily trips to the farmer’s market for fresh fruits and veggies.  
All the daydreaming convinced me that I needed a market tote with leather handles.  Not a second later and  I was venturing around town buying fabric and leather and rivets.  It didn’t occur to me until I got home, nearly three hours later, that I could have bought something similar at the market.
But as I started hammering rivets into the leather, I thought about how much I enjoy the process of making something with my hands.  Sure it costs as much and takes well, way longer, but there’s something primal and wholesome and just plain good about being part of the process. 
My passion for creation stems from the same reason I prefer walking to driving or cooking to dining-out: it feels good to watch unqiue components come together to create something new.  And, to be honest, it also feels pretty good to get your hands dirty once in a while.
What do you think? Is it worth the time and effort to make when you could just as easily purchase?  
Oh, and just as important – welcome to spring!

pants on fire

A soap bubble explosion in the kitchen put Martha Stewart on my official “do not trust’ list.  Fizzy bath bombs went off like rockets in the night when I followed her instructions.  Not a pretty look for my kitchen.

To be fair, it was sort of fun to relive the volcano explosion experiment from 7th grade, and my apartment now smells like a soap factory.  Not the worst, right?

I tried to make Bath Fizzies, which I was told would look something like the picture below.  I wanted to keep mine clear, however, and so I opted for no food coloring (only difference).

Here are pictures from what actually happened — first, the mixture began puffing up up up from the mold:
and it eventually covered the entire plastic:
I had faith that the puffiness would settle over night, and that the magic fizz bombs would appear by morning.  I was wrong. After 12 hours, the mixture turned into a crumbling piece of… well… fizz:
I’m calling out Martha, but I think it’s a lesson for the blogging community in general.  How often do bloggers post about projects, recipes, or other activities gone terribly  wrong?  I know this isn’t the first time *I’ve* gotten disastrous results by following a blogger’s suggestion.

I think it’s time for a revolution – let’s stop posting about how we made THE BEST cookie, art project, outfit, etc, and just be honest. Maybe say: this cake was OKAY but I would never make it again – it was too much work and confetti cake from a box tastes the same.

That might be an extreme example, but what I’m advocating for here is honesty.

I’m also a fan of resilience, and so I turned the experiment around and made something much easier — alphabet soap.
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