happy gnome

now that i’m settled into my new apartment, it’s time to get to the important details of city living: discover the best local coffee, find a secluded place to read, and find a populated spot to people watch.


the coffee came first, as it usually does at 7am.  there were two contenders on my street corner:




i know dunn brothers is a popular minneapolis favorite, and since i’m actually a fan of  Caribou *and* Starbucks, i assumed this would become my new favorite.  i stopped here first, ordered a medium, and then waited, waited, waited, as the barista finished reading her magazine article before making my coffee.  i’m not the most impatient, but there wasn’t even a line.. so i waited. anyway, the place was kind of dark, the coffee was kind of weak, and i was not feeling optimistic when i headed across the street for my second cup of jo before 9am.

luckily, jackson’s gelato and coffee was about as opposite from dunn brothers as it could possibly be (maybe that is why they can happily co-exist on the same street corner): the barista was friendly, the  coffee was strong (actually called muddy water), and the crowd was just the type of people i would want to strike up a conversation with.

i knew i had found my spot, however, when i glanced out the window and saw this fellow across the street:


what a happy gnome!

that’s all for today. tomorrow i find a spot to read, maybe check out the grocery stores? c’est la vie.