fan mail

fan mail

Disney Fact: In 1933, Mickey Mouse received 800,000 pieces of fan mail–more than any other star in Hollywood.  The first letter I ever wrote was to Santa, letting him know that I wanted all the Nancy Drew books and a Skip-It.  After making my Christmas wishes clear, the second letter I sent was to Melissa Joan Heart.

“Dear Melissa,  Clarissa Explains It All  is the best show on television, and I watch with my sister almost every single day. Unless my brother is watching Ninja Turtles , because they usually come on at the same time.  Luckily he is usually busy playing outside because we only have one TV.  Anyway, I wish I had a friend like Sam that crawled into my bedroom whenever he wanted.  I have to share a room, so you’re doing pretty well for yourself.  Anyway, I think we’d be friends, and hopefully we can meet someday. XO, Jen.”

After that initial letter went out, I received an autographed postcard from Clarissa thanking me for watching the show.  I pinned the postcard on my wall, and then I wrote to Kelly (Saved by the Bell), Alex (Mysterious World of Alex Mack) and Ashley (All That).   Time to grow my list of signatures from famous celebs (aka, best friends).

I’m a huge fan of fan mail.  The concept is just so great — take a moment to share generous thoughts and send kind words.  I got behind the movement when I was 9, and I’m still practicing the trade at 26 (that’s like.. let’s see.. 17 years of fan mail  from yours truly.)

Anyway! This whole post is really just a plea for my readers to let someone know that you appreciate their work.  The web makes it easy to contact almost anyone you admire, so no excuses.  Jot down a couple people who inspire you (designers, photographers, writers, fashion icons, comedians, teachers, etc) and then send them a piece of fan mail.

For example, I’m a huge fan of designer/illustrator Shannon Kirsten.  She has no idea that I scope out her Etsy shop when I’m bored, or that I pin almost all of her designs.  I’m ending all that today with this fan mail addressed express from me to her.