jams and brews — sweet summer time

our first weekend in minneapolis was overwhelmingly wonderful.  sounds overly positive, perhaps, but it’s absolutely true: friday night we had a welcome dinner with friends at stella’s fish bar, and then we spent the warm summer night drinking cocktails on the patio at big louie’s.  saturday morning we rode our bikes down the greenway to lake harriet, and then we played catch and drank lemonade until we came home and slept the afternoon away.  when we woke up, we decided to make the most of saturday night by going to harriet brewing company for live music (did i mention the live music here is free???)


anyway – harriet brewing company was awesome.  we sampled the IPA and the Hefeweizen, and then snuggled onto couches in the garage to be serenaded by the incredibly talented mark andrew.  this guy is amazing — we were told that he was recently on the voice, and it’s a shame he didn’t win.  jon seemed personally offended that a hit like Sunshine wouldn’t make it big — and he spent the whole ride home coming up with the marketing strategies that would sky-rocket mark andrew to fame.


i followed the singer, who chorines like joshua radian or matt nathanson, and so we’ll likely be catching more of shows over the summer. lucky us.

learn more about this guy here: http://www.markandrewofficial.com/