over the moon

A little less talk and a lot more action.  That’s the kind of mentality that transforms daydreams into megalithic 3D sharks.  Where am I going with this? Well, thing is, there was a shark sighting in Minneapolis.

Not on the lake, mind you, but on the lawn of a pretty home in the suburbs.

Picasso famously declared that everything we can imagine is real.  Makes you wonder what people can imagine right?  And then, I suppose, everything gets pretty exciting when you bring all that creativity to life.
Incredible, right? Questions swirled through my mind as we toured the shark beginning with a) Why doesn’t everyone create massive ice sculptures? b) Will they please build a dolphin next?  c) Where can I find some hot chocolate?

A big thanks to Kinzie for helping me find the house:Image
Despite the cold, it was a gorgeous weekend in the Twin Cities – 40s and crisp and lovely.  So lovely, in fact, that I got caught up in it all and snapped this photo with my phone.  Can you find the moon?Image

Starlight and sharks and typing dogs and happiness.  I tried to sum of this post, but that’s all I got for ya.

Hope you have a happy Monday 🙂