ace of dates

I’m not celebrating Valentine’s Day this year.  Thing is, I made a big deal of the holiday until I fell in love.  When I was single, I would gather up my girlfriends and plan a night out that celebrated friendship.  If I had a boyfriend, I  got excited about the roses and the chocolates and the declarations of adoration under the moonlight.

Now, however, I see the day as an almost trivial reminder of the things that we should be celebrating every single day.  We should make an effort to celebrate love whenever we can, not only when the calendar rolls around to February 14.  I said ‘i do’ on my wedding day, but I make a point of reminding myself of that promise all year round.
This year, I’m boycotting Valentine’s Day.

But there’s a catch — I’m going to celebrate love all the other 364 days of the year.  And, just so my husband doesn’t feel left out, I’m planning a surprise indoor picnic for him on February 13.

How does the surprise work?  I’m going to give him a clue about the details of the indoor-fondu picnic for 6 days leading up to the big surprise.
If you want to make something similar, it’s cheap & simple & hopefully fun — all you do is write the clue number on the front of the envelope and then leave a note hinting at the surprise inside each of the cards.
I decorated the outside of the cards with stickers that I received in my monthly mail package from Ginger Mail.  ImageImage
In case you’re wondering, Ginger Mail is like Birchbox for paper lovers: each month a themed package of cards, stickers and small crafts arrives in your mailbox to inspire your work (and make you smile).Image
What do you think of Valentine’s Day? Do you celebrate every February 14th?