rolling around in ice cream

People often ask how life changed when I got married.  The question fills my head with pictures of me&Jon pulling the car over to run through sprinklers, getting in trouble for popcorn fights at the movies, and staying up all night (on a Tuesday) to watch every episode of Breaking Bad. 

It seems that people expect me to lament over all the cooking and cleaning, but the apartment only takes 30 minutes to clean (it’s as tiny as a treehouse), and I love cooking meals and hosting dinner parties.

There seems to be a stigma that being married makes you grown-up.  Dear reader, I’m here to upend that nonsense.  I may have a ring on my finger, but my childhood definitely isn’t over. No way, no how. I decided long ago that I would prolong childhood as long as possible, and I’m still reaping the benefits of that glorious decision.  So bring on the puddle stomping, the pillow fights, and the opportunities to play with my food.
ImageYayLabs! supported my love for playing with food by sending me an ice cream ball.  If you know me, then you’re realizing that not many things would make me much happier. I love ice cream (and cookies, brownies, fudge, candy – I have very sweet teeth), games, and any excuse try something new.

The ice cream ball only works when shared with others. Literally. After you pour in the 3 or 4 ingredients needed for your dream concoction (flavors range from chocolate covered cherry to toasted coconut fudge), you need to roll the ball around for approximately 20 minutes.  Perfect for a rah rah rah experiment, right?

You’re already probably guessing what came next, and you’re right: I took the gadget to the lake and made ice cream with strangers:
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageIf you’re thinking that the pictures in this post look better than usual, that’s because Justina Louise spent the day with me again.  It’s somewhat like heaven to have a friend that works as a wedding photographer but enjoys photographing goofy experiments.  It’s also awesome that Apricot Lane keeps making me look so fly in all the photographs.  Thanks for making playtime so much fun y’all 🙂

20 years of mini-golf with gnomes

i suppose most people get excited about friday night dates or saturday afternoon plans, but i’ve always liked lazy sunday mornings the best.  jon and i sleep-in late sundays, and then we usually head to brunch.  today we were out of bed by 11am, and noshing on crimini/brie omelettes at the kenwood by 11:30am.
after brunch, we intended to visit the walker art museum for artist-inspired mini golf, but we got a bit lost – the drive from the kenwood to the walker is only 10 minutes, but we managed to make it over an hour when we started gawking at the houses lining the streets.  we started a hypothetical game of “would you ever live there?” which quickly became “well, when would you want to buy?” and then “would you want a larger house in this neighborhood, or a smaller house in that one?” our sunday joy ride quickly turned into a talk about the next twenty years or so.  turns out I might not be an apartment wife very long after all…

tee times for mini golf were over an hour at the museum, so we entertained ourselves in the sculpture garden.  to be more accurate, we acted like little kids and i climbed on things:

we didn’t get to climb it, but we found the largest fish i’ve ever seen:Image
the famous cherry spoon:ImageImage
tree stumps that double as banjos:
and a giant bell:
and yes, we eventually played mini golf with gnomes:Image
we ended up continuing our house conversation on the ride home, but this time the conversation evolved into “how many bedrooms do you think we need?”  which, naturally, led to a conversation about when we’ll start having kids. we’ve had the conversation before, but today we put dates and timelines to the hypothetical discussion, and it made it all so much more real – and exciting.

when we got home, i reflected on how busy we’ve been with changing jobs, the wedding, moving, and now planning for the house and kids, and it made me miss my parents. it’s easy to be so focused on growing up, that we forget that our parents are growing old.  it was a nice reminder that as i enter a new life stage, my parents are doing the same, and i should make an effort to show them how much they mean to me as i, too, grow older.