boom boom room

Science tells us that every single cell in the human body replaces itself within 10 years.  Changes in the body are obvious to the eye, and we don’t question that our appearance will change over a period of ten years.   A more interesting question, perhaps, is how long it takes for change to occur in our hearts and minds.

I was having dinner with a group of friends when a disparaging comment was made about a mutual acquaintance from high school.  My friend Sarah asked why the comment was made, and the accuser recalled an episode from 9th grade. “Well,” Sarah replied, “9th grade was over ten years ago – don’t you think they’ve changed?  We’ve all made mistakes.”

Pure genius, right?
It takes strength to be kind, and it takes wisdom to realize we’re all flawed.  Each of us is constantly changing, growing, and learning, and we’re bound to make mistakes as we journey through life.   We do the best we can until we know better, and when we know better, hopefully, we do better (to rephrase Maya Angelou).

Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and practice forgiveness whenever you can.

attack of the bees


It’s common knowledge that I consider Thoreau a personal friend. I mean, heck, I threw the guy a birthday party this year. A bigger secret, perhaps, is that I consider his pal Emerson to my other bestie. Like, if the three of us all went to Harvard in 1835 we would have shared a lunch table. Or, even bigger news, I might have convinced Thoreau to let us all share his little cabin in the woods.

If you’re not into my favorite authors, this post might be throwing you for a loop. If you are, however, then you might be familiar with one of Emerson’s most popular sayings: “be kind, be honest, be silly.” A pretty good maxim for an optimal life, right? I have a penchant for kindness and giggles, and I’m a fan of honesty (qualification for BFFdom).

That said, I decided to pay homeage to my homeboy Emerson with an attack of the bees in Minneapolis. Come again? I designed the graphic below, made lots of copies, and then placed the bees all over the uptown neighborhood.