as gold as it gets

I’m not really lukewarm about anything.  I either ignore it or love it so much that I want it/gotta have it/ can’t live without it.  This character trait of mine is turning out to be a big problem, and I’m blaming the Internet.

Photographs on Flick and projects on P-interest and the creatives on Blogger provide inspiration that keeps me wanting to try this that and the other.  With Minneapolis positively melting, the desire to be outdoors and making the most of the season is in full spring (pun absolutely intended).
To make sure spring doesn’t pass me by, I’ve made a checklist (which doesn’t include cleaning) to make sure that the days and weeks are filled with memories.  Inspiration for my checklist came from all over the web, and so it got ambitious pretty quickly.

  • Apple Blossom Scenic Drive – The Great River Road along the Mississippi River boasts gorgeous views and colorful blooms during the spring.
  • Farm Babies – Does the name say it all, or do I need to explain?  The Wells Fargo Family Farm will showcase baby chicks, piglets, lambs, calves, and bunnies during the month of April.
  • Road Trip – With the masses of men planning summer trips, now is the perfect time to pack up the car and see the sights without the crowds.  Jon and I have heard promising things about Duluth?
  • Plant Something – Can you believe I’ve never done this? I have an urge to create something either a) bouquet-worthy or b) salad-worthy.
  • Baseball Games – Opening day for the Twins is scheduled for April 1, and so the excitement starts now.
  • Tulips for a Stranger – I love flowers, you love flowers, and yes, I’m planning to share some flowers.
  • Pizza Farm – Two words that make me  Locally sourced pizzas shared under the blue sky? Yes please.
  • Hikes and Bikes  – It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold – just right for spending the day on the trails.
  • Celebrations – St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day.  Time to drink green beer and hide some eggs and plan a champagne brunch.