make some happy

I just wanna wear jumpers and jump around the puddles. Or overalls and run over all the hills.  What about shorts and sit behind the shortstop? Am I going too far with this, or should I make a silly about a skirt?

Thing is, I have an overwhelming urge to stick my toes in the mud and walk across the creek.  I want the sun to shine so bright that I can swim in the lake and sip sweet lemonade.  Imagine bare legs tanning and light freckles emerging under the endless summer sky.
But perhaps I’m jumping too far ahead?  Shouldn’t I be more excited for the spring that keeps promising to come?  The spring, of course, is when everyone is hopeful.  The flowers begin to bloom and people everywhere are excited about picnics at the park and walks by the river and bike rides at the lake.

My imagination is getting the better of me on this cold winter’s day.  To get over my winter blues, I bought myself some ice cream and flowers.  Gotta make your own happy, right?
Speaking of creating happy – Matt Richardson emailed me about a KickStarter campaign he’s doing for his new greeting card business, Gramr Gratitude.  Matt founded Gramr Gratitude to encourage people to become happier by writing handwritten letters.  The idea that practicing gratitude makes us happier is nothing new, but Matt designed his company so that saying “hello” and “thank you” and “you’re so kind” is not only easy, but fun.

Gramr Gratitude inspired me to do a random act of happiness centered around, you guessed it, thankfulness.  I put together a pre-paid greeting card and left it for a stranger.