lights camera action

If the weather outside is frightful then chances are pretty close to 100% that I’m bundled up inside with a movie or a book or a board game.  I probably invited friends over to avoid the icy roads, and we’re noshing on takeout while Kinzie zooms around looking for fallen treats.

Minneapolis just welcomed winter, and since the sun is on vacation, it’s a pretty dreary picture of clouds, snow and ice outside my window.  Knowing that people are going to be heading into their homes for respite, I thought I’d do a little rah rah rah experiment that made their cozy night a little happier:

monster bash

Misunderstood monsters are all invited to my house next Monday night.  That’s right, I’m hosting a monster bash: a celebratory fête for all the good hearts crying out from inside a somewhat disfigured facade.

What’s that?  You’re a helpful ghost? A big friendly giant? A monster afraid of the dark? Come one and come all.  I’m having a spooky movie night and i’m inviting my closest friends and all misunderstood goblins.

My closet friends, however, will need to wear a spooky sweater to the monster bash.  I’ve decided that ugly sweater parties shouldn’t always be reserved for Christmas.  Let’s start rocking the heavy knits a little sooner, shall we?  Here are my top picks:

spooky sweater

As for the entertainment, my friends have requested the following:

Do you have a halloween tradition?  Any suggestions for the spooky movie marathon?