take my umbrella

As much as I love literature and poetry, I’ve never been a girl to swoon or sway over the spoken word. Thing is, I’m more interested in things that are expressed almost as if by accident. Words can be practiced and manipulated and teased to convey a particular point, but actions and events that happen without thought or preparation seem to hold some lasting truth.
I’m about to get a bit romantic on you. Warning.
Last night, Jon skipped his softball manager meeting so that we could ride bikes and have a sunset picnic. He texted me in an excited frenzy to let me know that he’d be home early and that we should get our baseball gloves out of storage. The next morning (today), he texted at 10am to see if I wanted to meet for lunch.

Why am I recounting these mundane and seemingly ordinary events? To me, cheesy as it is, these little occurrences (canceling meetings and scheduling lunches) are just as much examples of love as any verbal proclamation.   I then quickly thought of more ways to act out love:

Enjoy their hobbies together (especially if you have different interests)
Help them with chores or work
Go out of your way to see them
Surprise them with something thoughtful
Plan an adventure for them
Make their favorite food
Let them pick the movie or restaurant
Magnify their strengths
Make them laugh

I thought about this throughout the day, and it occurred to me that there are also dozens of ways to speak from the heart without using the famous ‘three little words.’ When we inquire about others and their well-being, letting them know they’re on our mind and we care, our casual words carry a great deal of love. Here’s a list of examples:

“how did you sleep?”
“are you feeling better?”
“drive safe”
“bring an umbrella”
“take my coat”
“can I see you tonight?”
“do you need anything?”
“how are you feeling?”
“tell me about your day”
“let’ stay inside together”

I meant to post about the massive mud pie that we shared for Easter, but then I sat down and started writing about love.  Funny how that happens, right?  In the middle of my writing, I got a little graphic and made that image you see above.  I guess I’ve only got one thing on my mind.

Download the graphic here: love