all things

“Are you a koala?”
“Excuse me?”
“It’s just that you’re meeting koala-my-expecations.”
A Tinder-man used the pick-up line on my friend, and she shared the comment with our book club tonight.  The silly introduction made her smile, and then it convinced the 12 of us that the man deserves a date.  Men, take notes.

Jon and I road-tripped home from Wisconsin today, and we passed the four-hour drive listening to TED talks.  Has anyone listened to how Amy Webb hacked online dating?  I read my favorite wedding blogs as I listened to Amy talk about attracting people online, and it got me thinking about capturing ‘love at first sight.’  More specifically, we have so many photos of people that are engaged, married, and celebrating anniversaries, but we have so few images that capture the first time those people met.
Does anyone have a photograph of the first time they met the person they ended up dating and/or marrying?  If i was a photographer, I would do a series called ‘the first glimpse.’  It would be tricky following people around on all their first dates (snapping pictures and hoping they see each other again), but I think it might be worth it.
My head was filled with all kinds of ideas about photography and dating when I arrived home, but I shoved them aside to begin preparing for book club.  A different girl hosts each month, and July was my month: game time.
Lucky for me, I happened to have exactly 12 of everything necessary to host the group.  Funny how things tend to work out, right?  I did get a little scroungy (is that a word?) pulling out anything that would suffice as a wineglass (oh college skills), but all is well that ends well.  Before the group arrived, Jon and I tested some drinks (I think he was just anxious to try the strawberry lemonade) and we found that slipping fruit into a wineglass ups the fannnnciness about 99%:
Okay okay, the silly beverage photos are a little more about us playing with our new camera than trying drinks, but what can I say?  We replaced an old camera, and now I’m snapping photos left, right, and center — which makes me wonder, where do you get photo inspiration? Do you ever just want to run out the house and photograph all things? Maybe that’s just me, but I definitely felt that way today.  I had to resist every urge not to snap photos of these lovelies all night long:
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I like good books and the girls that read them.  The ladies pictured above are some of my favorite people in Minneapolis, and I couldn’t be happier that our book club has turned into a ‘lets get together for all things’ club ❤

That’s my update here: Are you in any clubs? Any suggestions for what I can photograph?

love quirks

Internet dating sites match people based on similar characteristics akin to the resume that you might provide to a future employer. But what does that tell you about the nature of a person? About their early morning quirks, their allergy to peanut butter or the way they laugh when you touch their elbow?

We don’t fall in love with someone because they graduated with honors or stand 6 feet tall or “really love going out to eat but could cook you dinner any night of the week.”

We fall in love with someone because they understand the tiny details that make us unique. For better or worse, no two people are alike, but when we find someone with an appreciation for our originality, we’ve found our match.

I fell in love with the multitude of quirks that make Jon unique. From the get-go, he was unlike any guy I’d ever dated – calling at 7am (on a Saturday) to see if could hang out, going to dinner in his sweatpants because ‘dinner should be comfortable,’ and immediately letting me know that I was the girl he wanted (an email after the first date).

Birthdays are a special time to recognize the unique things we love about the people in our lives. I’ve always made a bit of a fuss about birthdays, but, what can I say — I think the people in my life deserve a big fuss.
Jon’s birthday was yesterday, and aside from some gifts, I made him strawberry cheesecake and took him out for a steak dinner. We laughed, we laughed some more, he ate a massive steak (I had the lobster cakes), and then we drove home and hopped into bed, exhausted and happy.

I went to the market armed with recipes for making an actual strawberry cheesecake (Jon’s favorite), but when I saw strawberry cake with cheesecake frosting, well, the deal was done. I opted to make the cake in mason jars so that we could share one after dinner, and then Jon could bring the rest to work for treats after lunch (the gift that keeps on giving):