beautiful chaos

mailI consistently marvel at my ability to feel sorrow in the midst of joy, serenity in the midst of anxiety , and hope in the midst of fear.  How is there room to feel everything all at once?  Should we succumb to a single feeling, or should we embrace the beautiful chaos of it all?
Can I be break with the serious note and get a little silly?  I have the same moment of marvel when I need to use the restroom while I’m HANGRY (so hungry I’m angry).  How can I possibly be hungry when my stomach is so full?  Maybe a biology major can answer that question.
As for the more philosophical questions: I guess the multitude of feelings, the good, the bad, the happy, and the sad, is why we’re told to dance in the rain.  We can’t predict when the good times are coming, but we can look for the good moments that bless us every day.  As a good friend once said, not every day is happy, but there is something happy about every day.
And you know what?  I think that calls for another printable.  That’s going to be my motto for the day:
Remember the printable I posted last week?  The one about letting good things grow? It inspired me to make a graphic of little things that bring lots of joy:
littlethingsLike the graphics? Check out The Ink Nest. Now tell me, how was your weekend?