the orchardist

i spent yesterday afternoon preparing for my first book club meeting (coming up next thursday).  the group votes on the book of the month, and the winner this go-round was the orchardist by amanda coplin.  i aways imagined i was the type to join book clubs (being that i’m a pretty constant reader – a book or 3 a month, usually) and i’ve also found that readers make the best company.


the interesting thing about the book club is that it introduces you to books you might not have picked out on your own, but you start enjoying after a few chapters (sort of like every book assigned in high school english, no?)  the orchardist is intense and lyrical, and it introduces you to an orchardist who finds fulfillment by caring for two pregnant girls that wander onto his land.  i’m only about a quarter finished, but i can tell you the book is enjoyable for it’s ability to touch at the origin of feelings, sentimentality, and human connection.  there isn’t much action, but the lyricism of the words will carry you as you navigate the developing relationships between the main characters.