oh me oh my, i’m juggling pie!

Everything turned out better than we could have imagined or planned.  Funny how it works that way, right?  You spend days upon weeks planning a special occasion and perhaps you end up having a nice time, but the moment you let go of all your plans – bam!- the best day ever.

I have a firm ‘celebrate whenever you can’ policy because you never know how the most wonderful moments will unravel.  Despite our best intentions, they oftentimes happen on a lazy Saturday or random Tuesday.

Jon and I woke up yesterday, and, like most Saturdays, began the day reading the paper and sipping our coffee.  We chatted about this and that, watched a bit of football, and then went for a run together.  After the workout, I told Jon I was getting cabin fever and asked if we could go out.  He said we could do anything I wanted, and so I asked him to take me to the Mill City Museum.
Fast facts learned from the tour:

  • In 1945, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was deemed the ‘most well-known’ woman in America.  Who took second?  Miss Betty Crocker.
  • Ireland eats more cereal than any other country in the world.  England comes in second, Australia third, and the United States takes 4th place.  On average, people in the USA eat 160 bowls of cereal a year.  Are you contributing to that number?

Check out the gorgeous views from the 9th Floor observation deck:ImageImage
I know, I know – Minneapolis is gorgeous.  All the flours at the Mill Museum made us crave our favorite carb, pizza, and so we headed to Zelo in downtown MSP.  The restaurant has *the best* view for people watching, and so we ordered cocktails, sat by the window, and made commentary as Minneapolites went about their business.  We ended up sitting at the table for just over two hours:Image
Feeling full and happy, we decided to walk around the downtown while the Christmas lights were still up.  Guess where we ended up?Image
We finished the day by listening to Christine Daaé sing out, “All I want is freedom/A world with no more night/And you, always beside me/To hold me and to hide me.”  A perfect ending to the perfect day.

As we were driving home, I thanked Jon for curing my cabin fever.  His response? ‘I had way more fun than my birthday!” Well, okay, great — but today was random and his birthday took me weeks to plan!  See what I mean?  The best of days have a funny way of sneakin’ up on you. Gotta be ready for ‘um.

buckets of presents

the best time is always the presents.  if presents come in the afternoon, you get to wait all day for them, and if they come in the morning, well, your day is off to a pretty good start.  jon left at 3am for a work trip, and he placed phantom of the opera tickets on his pillow — as in, we’re going to the broadway show in december.  this event is significant for a couple reasons 1) jon is the sweetest (he was on the advanced ticket waiting-list to get the seats) and 2) seeing phantom has been on my bucket list for a couple of years now.  i made a bucket list for minneapolis when we moved here, and since i had zero plans today, i decided to get started by taking kinzie to the stone arch bridge, a pedestrian and bike trail famous for the panoramic views of st. anthony falls:




here is the rest of my minneapolis bucket list:

catch a fish at one of the lakes
see northern lights
go whitewater rafting
ride in a hot air balloon
invite neighbors to dinner
visit renaissance fair
go dog sledding
take the polar bear plunge
attend a murder mystery dinner
go to the canterburry camel races
attend artist-inspired mini golf at the walker
ride the minneapolis rail
see a show at the brave new theater comedy club
go on a minnetonka boat cruise
hike copper falls
attend open mic night at acme comedy
rent a paddle boat on lake calhoun
tour the mill museum
spend the day at como zoo
see a show at the guthrie theater

whenever i mention the minneapolis bucket list, someone recommends another 2 or 3 things, and so my list is continually growing.  luckily for me, i love exploring, and so i can only hope that the list grows faster than i can check the items off.