the sweetest pop-up art gallery

ImageEvery so often you meet someone that appears destined for greatness.  These people triumph over their circumstances, and the world just seems to work in their favor.  It’s hard to tell whether these people are turning tricks and making their luck, or whether the universe is conspiring to push them onward and upward.  Either way, it’s obvious that something wonderful is definitely in the making. 

I met Megan Doman by sheer chance, and when we started chatting about art, I knew she was a kindred spirit.  Megan studied interior design as an undergraduate, and then she started working for a design team in the Twin Cities.  Problematically, her passion for drawing and creating artwork kept her from feeling fulfilled at the office. 

Megan decided to turn her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans: she quit her desk job, moved back home, set up an art studio, and dedicated herself to creating art.  I met Megan just as she was beginning a ‘sweet-indulgence’ collection, and I suggested that we showcase her talent in a ‘pop-up art gallery.’

Megan created ten original artworks for the show, and we created a makeshift gallery on the street behind my apartment.  An alternative way to gain exposure, sure, but Megan’s work deserves to be seen and enjoyed.  Pictures of the event are below, and if you want to bring Megan’s work from the alley into your home or office, visit her webshop.
And y’all, Megan didn’t just show people pictures of tempting treats, she also fed them.  That’s definitely my kind of girl:
Congrats on a great show Megan!!  

Also, another big thank you to Kristine at Apricot Lane in St. Louis Park.  She made sure that I was looking just as stylish as the artwork in that Chevron Top and Black Jeans. Thank you!