do you carrot all?

An easy way to find out if your friend ‘carrot alls’ is to ask them to watch your puppy for a weekend.   For some reason, ‘carrot all’ made me think of ‘carrotalls’ – like carrot overalls, and I ended up drawing this picture:

But, dear reader, what we’re here to talk about today is not carrot alls, but thanking people with carrots.  Jon and I are going out of town for my birthday, and I sent my next-door-neighbor a text to see if she would mind puppy sitting for me:

I know, I know, she is the best.  She said presents aren’t necessary, but I disagree 100%.  I figure everyone loves carrot cake, and what could be nicer than carrot cake in a mason jar?  An ‘Eat now or save for later’ sort of thing?  I decided to fancy-it-up a bit and do three layers: caramel,  carrot cake, and homemade cheesecake frosting.

I used a box cake:
Made the cream cheese frosting from scratch:Image
Put caramel bites on the bottom of the jar:
Added the carrot cake:
nd then topped the cake with the homemade cream cheese frosting:ImageImage

Lastly, I gave Kinzie a bath to prepare for her weekend away.  Here is the during and after photo:Image

drinking from my saucer cause my cup has over flowed

“You know I never did make my fortune and I guess it’s a little late now
But I never did worry about that much
No shoot I was happy anyhow cause you see
As I have journeyed down life’s road
I have reaped a lot more than I’ve sowed
And I’m drinking from my saucer cause my cup has over flowed” – Bill Anderson

i came home from a lunch date and found jon home from work early, laying on the couch with roses for our 2 month anniversary.  i grabbed my camera to capture the moment, gave him a kiss, and then thought of the lyric “i’m sipping from my saucer ’cause my cup has overflowed.”  my heart was full, and i wanted to share the poem with you all.


puppy in the closet

it seems to me that love grows best in little houses — where family members live in quarters so close that they are constantly communicating and learning about one another.  jon and i both shared rooms with our siblings when we were younger, so perhaps living on top of one another comes naturally to us (my sister and i had bunkbeds, so that expression is entirely accurate here).  the situation in the apartment becomes a little tricky when you had our puppy, kinzie:Imagekinzie takes up about as much space as a teddy bear, but it was still tricky to find room for her.  we had thought we found a solution when we put her crate in our closet:Imagekinzie didn’t think the crate in the closet idea was as brilliant as we did, and so she now sleeps with us.  i think everyone likes it better this way:Imagei spent today making the apartment more kinzie friendly by making a chest for her toys.  i started with this:ImageImageand ended with this:Imagei liked the final product so much that i sanded a wood plank and made a monogrammed mat for her dishes:ImageImageImageluckily for us, our apartment has a dog park in the middle of the building, so we ended the day with a trip out of doors:ImageImage