mermaids don’t do homework


I’m not really lukewarm about anything; I either ignore something or love it so much that I want it/gotta have it/can’t live without it.  This character trait is turning out to be a big huge problem, and I’m blaming the Internet. 

Thing is, every time I stumble on Pinterest or Gawker or 1 one of my 100 favorite blogs, I’m impressed and inspired and off to try whatever is being promoted – recipes, crafts, products, you name it.

To make things more complicated, I also have random sparks of creativity where I feel my own inspiration to mix this and that and the other to create something entirely new. 

Today, for instance, I decided to make Jon cookies while he watched March Madness, and I wanted to do something with Wisconsin colors – meet Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies.  My own win of sorts, right?
But then I read about the world’s easiest mini-cheesecake, and I knew I had to take action.  Mix and freeze and eat? Ah, so simple it had to be done.  All you do is mix the ingredients and then chill in a muffin tin for 45 minutes.  
So yes, like I said, a bit of a problem in our apartment: cheesecakes and cookies and enough sugar to feed the entire Wisconsin basketball team.  Time to share with the neighbors I guess…