shades on, top back

in my suitcase

We’ll skydive from the plane and land below a waterfall and then swim away with the dolphins.  If I was 12, that little adventure would have knocked one, two, three things off my bucket list with  just one (very adventurous) day’s journey.

Thing about my bucket list, however, is that it seems to be a life-force of its own: constantly changing, growing and expanding.  Life experience prompts me to add new things to the list and, in a similar fashion, decide that other things are of less importance.

A bit of a thrill-seeker, I planned to skydive over the Alps when I studied abroad my junior year.  Well well well, the trip came and the adventure arrived, and I decided I’d rather go for a hike and make a picnic and read a book than sail through the sky (or I have a fear of heights – you decide).  To each his own, right?  And you know what, I was 100% okay with changing my mind — it took planning the trip to make me realize that I was okay with not experiencing every.single.little.thing.

The thing is, I try to get the most goodness out of the things that I do decide to pursue.  This world is large and the possibility for experience is endless, but if we make the most of the choices we make, the slice of life we are given, then it will be enough.  Do little things with great love.

Where is all this going?  Well, I recently finished The Light Between Oceans, and, as soon as I was done, I gave the novel 5 stars on Goodreads.  I also started thinking about the relationship of the lighthouse to character development (I’m a nerd), and, before long, I found myself longing to visit a lighthouse.  Lighthouse adventuring was added to the the bucket list just as easily sky-diving was removed.

And, good news: Jon and I made plans to visit a lighthouse when we’re in Jamaica next week.  I’ll be crossing 2 things off my bucket list while we’re there – the lighthouse is one, can you guess the second?