voodoo misfit

the voodoo misfits called on thursday and asked if jon was interested in joining their team — first game friday night.  not only was jon interested, but he was nearly as excited as when i made him macaroni and cheese pizza for the first time.  the whole way there he just kept saying, “can you believe i’m on the team?” i answered his question, “yes, babes, since you’re really good,” and then “of course, you’re a great addition,” followed by, “well honey, you have a lot of talent,” before i realized he was mostly mumbling to himself and i didn’t need to answer.  


the game was entertaining, and i was pleased to find that i wasn’t the only cheerleader.  when jon wasn’t batting, i raced this ballerina around the fields:


jon was even more happy on the way home — after knocking a couple balls out of the park and playing center field more impressively than aaron hicks.  

Imageafter the game, we went out for mexican at abilene, and we made a celebration list for when Jon bats like ryan braun.  we decided, for instance, that we’ll celebrate jon’s first homerun at birch steakhouse, and we’ll go kayaking on madeline island after his first grandslam.  so that i can eat steak and go kayaking, we’re going to be practicing softball as often as goldschmidt hits homeruns 🙂