spring break minneapolis

jon’s boss invited us out to dinner last night, and when he said we were going to psycho suzi’s motor lounge, we were a little apprehensive about the night to come.  we’re not exactly the motor lounge types, and why does suzi have to be pyscho? couldn’t she be relaxed by the riverside? that’s something i could get on board with, easily.  you don’t say no to the boss though, so we did as told and showed up here at 7pm:


it looks like a church closed down in the 70s and then a motorcycle crew decided to turn it into a lounge in 2013.  we were reconsidering the boss’s invitation to dinner at this point — maybe he was intending it as some sort of punishment? and then:



the inside was more akin to spring break than any motor lounge i’ve ever been to (not that i frequent them, but just look at this pictures).  kids (myself included) sipped tiki drinks by the river and took in the shennanigans that ensued when someone ordered the firewater (serves 2-4 and requires a credit card deposit).

photo (9)

photo (1)

photo (10)

a little bit of truth to be told: the pizza was (i tried the deep dish and the hand-tossed) not the best in the city (as claimed).  it was good. solid. no complaints. but.. psycho suzi’s is the place for a fun night out when you want to guarantee a good time and could wash it down with any type of food (although, you should probably be getting the white trash sushi and cheese curds.. both excellent).