kickin’ it old school

The Phoenix sun took its toll, and we took refuge in my sister’s borrowed car in the parking lot.  We opened the moon roof, turned on the radio, and crawled into the back seat.  Very high school of us, I know.

Unlike most teenage trips to the backseat, this adventure was PG.  We were exhausted from flying to Phoenix, driving to the Grand Canyon, hiking Sedona, and then going to the spring training games.  I curled into Jon’s arm, thinking about how perfect the trip had been, and marveled at how I’d rather be lounging in the backseat than anywhere else in the world.
How does that happen?  What mix of ingredients does it take to transform the most ordinary of places into somewhere seemingly magical and worthy of travel?

We weren’t in the City of Lights or the Land of Plenty, but I wanted the moment to continue on and on (and on).  If Travelocity sold this vacation, I would buy it without a single question or second thought.
Give me tenderness in the backseat of a beat-up old car.  Show me the stars and let me be giddy about your arms wrapped around me.  We’ll play folk songs and let the world fade away.
When we got back to my sister’s, Jon did fantasy baseball research (he runs 3 teams) while I baked some treats for my family.  I meant to make strawberry shortcake muffins, but I bought the wrong kind of cake (luckily) and ended up with something better than I could have imagined — Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes.

Easy as pie and delicious as, well, cake.  If you want to make your own, make lemon cupcakes, place a strawberry in the center when cooled, and then top with whipped cream.  A recipe so good it should be trending.