enough is enough

Spontaneity keeps conversation keen, and if you switch things up (just a bit!) there is a definish chance that everyone will want to chat over cronuts.  Okay, okay, everyone might be an exaggeration, but I promise I (yes me!) will appreciate the quirkisms in your banter.
Maybe it’s just a silly rant, but I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.  No, kidding, that’s not my rant — I’ve just always wanted to use that expression.  I giggle when I hear it said on TV, and then I want to suggest the complainer sip some OJ and take a nap.  I mean, right? They’ll be healthier and rested in a nanno hour. Problem solved.
My true rant rests with the common usage of ‘pretty please.’  Can I pretty please make it stop?  It’s not that I’m against politeness — no sir, no mam — I just wish please didn’t always have to be so pretty.  Does that make any sense?
Is it too much to ask for please to be passionate, peaceful, proper or polite?  Pick your adjective witty writers, but stay away from the commonplace pretty, please?  Alright, rant aside, I created this ILY graphic yesterday at 2pm when someone explained the mysterious origins of the acronym.  Did you know ILY is ‘net slang for ‘i love you?’  Me either.  Time to read more Urban Dictionary, yes?
As for these pictures, Jon and I have been making a point of exploring all the Minneapolis ‘hoods.  Our most recent excursion took us to Northeast, and we decided the Stone Arch Bridge wins the award for ‘best view of the city.’  We liked the view so much, in fact, that we stopped everything for a smoocher in the center.
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend — enjoy that summer sun!

buckets of presents

the best time is always the presents.  if presents come in the afternoon, you get to wait all day for them, and if they come in the morning, well, your day is off to a pretty good start.  jon left at 3am for a work trip, and he placed phantom of the opera tickets on his pillow — as in, we’re going to the broadway show in december.  this event is significant for a couple reasons 1) jon is the sweetest (he was on the advanced ticket waiting-list to get the seats) and 2) seeing phantom has been on my bucket list for a couple of years now.  i made a bucket list for minneapolis when we moved here, and since i had zero plans today, i decided to get started by taking kinzie to the stone arch bridge, a pedestrian and bike trail famous for the panoramic views of st. anthony falls:




here is the rest of my minneapolis bucket list:

catch a fish at one of the lakes
see northern lights
go whitewater rafting
ride in a hot air balloon
invite neighbors to dinner
visit renaissance fair
go dog sledding
take the polar bear plunge
attend a murder mystery dinner
go to the canterburry camel races
attend artist-inspired mini golf at the walker
ride the minneapolis rail
see a show at the brave new theater comedy club
go on a minnetonka boat cruise
hike copper falls
attend open mic night at acme comedy
rent a paddle boat on lake calhoun
tour the mill museum
spend the day at como zoo
see a show at the guthrie theater

whenever i mention the minneapolis bucket list, someone recommends another 2 or 3 things, and so my list is continually growing.  luckily for me, i love exploring, and so i can only hope that the list grows faster than i can check the items off.