swifty swine for a good time

the summer has been a fantastic whirlwind of weekend trips and mini vacations (in the past 8 weeks, we’ve been to new orleans, chicago, lake geneva, country fest!, summerfest, minneapolis, back to chicago, and bayfield).  i’m up for a weekend trip just about every weekend, but it does compromise adventures on the farm.  that said, jon thought we should spend last night exploring our country home.  what’d we do?  we loaded up the jeep and romped to the river —

we hiked around the grounds and promised to come back during sunset with a bottle of wine/cheese/crackers/chocolates.  we intended to head home, but we saw carnival lights, and so we ended up visiting a traveling fair.  best part of that? the swify swine pig races.  where else but wisconsin can you go for a random drive and end up at a pig race?

have you ever seen sweet little pigs?  they are about the cutest thing ever — besides my pup kinzie (named after the street in Chicago).  i asked jon if we could get a sweet pig to be friends with kinzie kitten, but he wasn’t in total agreement. wonder why…

so, jon has a super important meeting this morning (investors are in town from San Fran — they think this rural area is something else….), and he was nervous (ie very cute): dancing around, drinking too much coffee, and running through his presentation ideas.  i decided to dip into my stack of presents (i buy gifts for him all the time and then give them to him at strategic moments) and  put one in his car:

it’s just a pack of gum, but isn’t the note sweet?  anyway, it got me thinking that i should try to do a sweet thing for him each day for the next thirty.  i’ll keep you updated on the surprises.  as i always say: the best time is the presents!!