tambourines and dreadlocks

pursuing a photography career often leads me to situations that feel more like reality tv than anything else.  perhaps because you’re invited to capture the celebrations of others — even when they are foreign enough to you.  that is the story of what happened this weekend, when jon and i photographed Melvin Seals + Guests at the Skyway Theater in downtown Minneapolis.  jon and i felt conspicuously preppy, but we still managed to take of our shoes and dance around with the best of the funksters.


question: where do these people work during the day?  jon and i amused ourselves for a while trying to figure it out, but our answers are unlikely at best (hostel owner, tatoo parlor, pottery maker, dog breeder).

we had a pretty nice view of the pantages theater while we sipped on our signature vodka redbull:



anyway, the boho girls brought their hoola hoops and the hippie men came with tambourines.  everyone stomped and sang, and i captured the pictures (jon pointed out amusing moments and chatted with the band).



luckily for us, the theater invited us back when-eva-we-want, and so we’re now marking our calendar up with acts that we plan to photograph.