twins for the twosome

twosome being me and jon, and twins being the Minnesota Twins (of course).  Jon loves baseball as much as i love yoga+biking+cooking+reading combined, and he has been wearing Brewers jerseys since he started pre-school.  that said, we were pretty excited to see the brewers play the twins with the badger alumni (jon went to uw-madison) at target field.

we pre-gamed with the alumni at the official badger bar, 508.  the setting was perfect for us: we got to play our favorite game (bags), tried our first juicy lucy (verdict: not as good as everyone claims — i.e., where is the cheese in this thing? minneapolis doesn’t know about cheese the way that wisconsin does), and discovered the fulton brewing company (sweet child of vine is the beer of summer 2013).



the best part of the evening, however, was definitely the game itself.  the target stadium was gorgeous — the way it rises out of the downtown and then surrounds itself with sky.  jon and i were both impressed — the stadium has all the old school charm of an older field like Wrigley, with all the modern conveniences of a field like Miller Park.



so.. at this point i’m definitely thinking i could become a twin fan.  not that i’m a bandwagon fan (ok… maybe a bit), but since i grew up in phoenix, went to college in new orleans, moved to chicago for grad school, followed jon to wisconsin for work, and now find myself in Minneapolis, i haven’t had a ton of time to devote myself to my own true team.  and then.. i saw aaron hicks play, and the deal was halfway sealed.


the decision was made, however, when they brought out TC Bear and i realized how many similarities this playful mascot shared with my dog, Kinzie. cheesy, definitely, but whatever — i told Jon that kinzie would be friends with TC bear, and then aaron hicks hit a home run.  needless to say, i bought a twins jersey the next day.