mind your mittens

Too much of a good thing is… well… impossible.  Thing is, if you have lots and lots of something good, that means you have the opportunity to double-up and pass it around and do all sorts of sharing.
 That’s exactly the position I found myself in after buying 3yards of this navy & tribal & gotta-have-every-bit-left-in-the-barrel fabric to make a scarf.  3yards to make a scarf? Like I said, it was lots & lots of a good thing. 
So much goodness, in fact, that I was able to double up (make two) and try to share with someone that might need an extra bit of clothing to keep warm.  I’m volunteering as a home interviewer for Habitat for Humanity (assessing the needs of people who apply for housing), and so I brought the scarf along as a donation tonight.
Except, and I guess I should have known this, Habitat doesn’t take clothing donations. Oops.  What to do with the second scarf? Any suggestions?

home is wherever i’m with you

ImageMy mom and my grandma love baking Swedish pancakes, and whenever my grandma visits, the two of them chat and enjoy the sweet treats before waking me and my siblings for breakfast.  By the time we join them, the house is filled with the smell of butter & jam.

I moved to college in New Orleans when I turned 18, and the experience with the wild&artistic city inspired an incredible sense of wanderlust: I wanted to see everything.  In four years I changed my address 6 times: I studied abroad in Rome, spent a summer au-pairing in Milan, volunteered a year in Mexico, and then moved to Chicago for graduate school.

I associated home with the sound of my sister singing in the shower, my brother yelping loudly when he passed a new level on Halo (an XBOX game), and my parents giggling over inside jokes.  Luckily, none of those things are associated with an address or a building, and so I was able to take my home on the road. Like a turtle, right?

But seriously, roommates singing in the shower reminded me of my sister, Caity.  Dates laughing so loudly that soda spurted out their nose reminded me of my brother, Sam.  I felt close to my mom anytime someone was able to make me feel calm.

My little sister is a kindergarten teacher in Phoenix, and she recently won her dream home in a housing lottery.  What’s a housing lottery, you ask?  It’s a special lottery that allows firemen, police-officers and teachers to buy a house in foreclosure at a huge discount  It’s hard to imagine someone more deserving than my hardworking and kindhearted sister.

Anyway! Caity is moving this week, and I wanted to help make her new house feel like a home.  I decided to make a make a floral wreath out of paper, and calligraph “home is wherever i’m with you” on the inside.  You can see my project below, and maybe, just maybe, Caiters will send us a picture of the artwork hanging in her new home.

I started with a circle of paper as an outline for the wreath:
Made leaves out of colored paper:
Made the task a little easier with pre-made paper flowers:Image
ImageAnd placed the entire wreath in a shadow-box frame:Image