feels like home

Is there anything happier than walking around a lake in the middle of summer?  There is something wonderfully satisfying about knowing you can jump into the water and cool off at any time.

Perhaps, however, the walk is more beautiful in the fall?  You can proceed along as usual, except this time the trees are ablaze with dazzling colors of red, orange and gold.  Kick and crunch the leaves as you walk.

The falling leaves foretell the swirling snow, and, to be honest, I might just prefer the sparkling snowflakes to the varietal leaves.  A white blanket descends and makes everything feel overwhelming calm and peaceful.

And then, alas, what could be lovelier than the spring?  Bits of color return to the trees and the flowers slowly emerge from the snow.  A promise of summer hangs in the air and “the only problem is deciding where to be the happiest” – (Hemmingway).

This rhapsody is intended as an ode to Minneapolis, my favorite city in the world.  I’ve lived in 5 American and 3 international cities, and I’ve never come to call a place ‘home’ quite so quickly.  The seasons are stunning, the natural landscape beckons to be enjoyed (hiking, swimming, fishing, biking, etc) and the cultural milieu leaves little to be desired (Restaurants? Theater? Shopping? All here).

The best thing about Minneapolis, perhaps, is how it manages to make a cosmopolitan city feel like a charming small town.  I’m on a first-name basis with the local barista, the neighborhood grocer, and the apartment mailman.  What’s more, my best friends all live within walking distance.

A recent study shows that people truly feel more ‘at home’ in some cities based on their temperament, values, and lifestyle.  Which state(s) do you identify with?

Images from a place for art and Time Magazine.