love as the example

My dad always kissed my mom before leaving for work, and it was common for him to return home with flowers.  My grandparents must have been their inspiration, because they were just as sweet with one another after 50 years of marriage.  I remember bringing friends over for Sunday brunch, and my grandma decorating the table with fine china, candles, and savory treats. I thanked her for making things so nice for the occasion, and she explained “oh honey, this is what I do for your grandfather every Sunday – don’t you think he deserves it?”  My grandfather did deserve the attention, but he also returned the favors: my grandma was surprised with trips to the opera, treated to breakfast in bed, and always aware of how much she was loved.

I always knew that I wanted to share that kind of romance with my future husband.  Luckily, Jon and I are about as romantic as they come, and we make a point of finding small ways to make each other feel loved. Some might think it’s a little silly that we celebrate our monthly anniversaries, but, for us, it’s just part of enjoying our marriage.  This weekend marked our 3-month anniversary, and we declared it “date-weekend.” We celebrated Friday with dinner at our favorite restaurant, and then we spent all of Saturday exploring the countryside.

Another thank you to Apricot Lane in St. Cloud for styling this post.  Felt like I was ‘all dressed- up with everywhere to go.” Thanks again, Laura 🙂