serving goofiness at the picnic

this post was suppose to be about the romantic summer picnic that jon and i had last night, but it’s not, because the only thing on my mind is how strength rises out of vulnerability.  stay with me here, but today i was thinking about my shortcomings —   things i want to do better and  talents i wish i possessed — and i forced myself to stop and think about the positives.

what do i value about myself?  a little reflection, and i know that my greatest strengths are my expressiveness and my goofy personality. while those aren’t exactly traits that would lure dozens of suitors on a profile, that is what i’m working with here, and those are the traits that i need to focus on to really feel me — to feel comfortable in my own skin.

it’s hard work to give up the idea of becoming better, of striving for perfection in certain areas, but it’s critical for enjoying yourself as you are today, and for realizing the value of the gifts you already have.

okay.. and because the expressive side sit still, here are some pictures of that beautiful summer picnic at lake harriet.ImageImage
we snacked on blueberry spinach quinoa salad with poppy seed dressing (make this right now, so good) and chicken bacon sandwiches with cheddar cheese.  we sipped wine from red solo cups.  we made jokes about how the man next to us was *exactly* like tobias from arrested development.  we laid on on our backs and listened to the band play until the sun went down. i was goofy and expressive. i was happy and in love.

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